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What is a supply chain?
Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the integrated management of material, information and cash flow that ensures the right product reaches the customer at the right time, at the right place, at the right price, at the lowest possible cost for the entire supply chain. . In other words, it is the creation of strategies and business models that will increase customer satisfaction by connecting key business processes in a chain.

Supply chain management
A supply chain is a set of connections and relationships that move products between suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and ultimately consumers. It covers all successive links from the stage of purchase of goods and services to their production and reaching the final consumer. Supply chain in terms of business processes; The sales process involves many areas such as manufacturing, inventory management, material supply, distribution, purchasing, sales forecasting, and customer service.

Supply chain
In supply chain management,
At the strategic level, where to produce and what will be the best sourcing strategy.
At the tactical level, forecasting, planning, ordering materials on short notice, and whether to schedule overtime to meet production needs.
At the operational level, inventory allocation, detailed planning and what to do with an order when a machine breaks down.
topics are discussed.

Supply chain management uses advanced technology, data management, and the mathematics of operations research to plan and control an expanding component of factors to better produce and deliver products and services to customer satisfaction. Advanced programs use relational databases and similar techniques.

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